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When you want to reach your potential

Become more self-aware
Discover and build your own identity
Discover and develop your talents 


For leaders and everyone else who is concerned with reaching further than where they are today, self-development is absolutely essential. 

High turnover costs companies a lot of money all over the world. According to, HCI (Human Capital Institute) calculates the costs in Norway to be 1.5 times the annual salary when skilled employees choose to leave your company. This is something that worries most managers and one is constantly looking for what makes skilled employees stay in their company. 

When the education is finished and you start the job, it is usually the employee's personal qualities that determine whether they succeed better than others. It may be that you have higher self-confidence, are willing to investigate more, check off, are good at delegating or calculating for the future, which is the reason why you are able to climb where you want. Some are happy to have a job, while others need stimuli in the form of various types of development. The professional side covers most sensible companies themselves, while the personal development is unfortunately not everyone who is equally good at taking care of. 

Especially at middle management level and with specialists, we see that top managers can forget to offer their employees the necessary development that makes them feel seen and feel that they have an opportunity for a promotion. 

Therefore, many employees also choose to take this development privately, so that one achieves a greater degree of job satisfaction. This whether you want to get better in the job you have or you want to aim for a further career. 

All personal development has similar elements and parts of similar goals. But if it is to be effective, you need a more direct and distinctive course with adapted learning. You need to learn to yourself and others in a different light and focus on what really makes you reach your goal. 

For some, it's an aha experience to see what's holding you back. Others know it well and just need help to see how to overcome these small and big obstacles that seemed to lie out there - or inside one's own head. 

Together we set goals and set up a race that is achievable. You decide for yourself how much you want to work to achieve your goal. Therefore, I have courses of 6-12 hours. All courses require that you work on implementing the course knowledge in everyday life between classes. 

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