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My name is Hope for a reason

Can you remember a time when you were young and carefree?
Before you understood all that was difficult and serious in the world and felt the weight of adults' serious demands?
Do you remember the optimism and joy of the little things in everyday life? 

en kvinne som ler

If you are tired of living in a gray everyday life with boring chores and all too rarely feel the positive - then this course is definitely for you.

Many people become pessimistic after bad experiences such as difficult breakups, failing exams, losing their jobs, illness, injuries, bullying or trauma. Without the right support apparatus in these events, one can change one's inner dialogue to become pessimistic. 

Most pessimists do not think of themselves as pessimists, but as realists. They look at their past losses and expect another loss long before they have started planning. They have a hard time finding joy in everyday life and struggle to get out of this eternal, boring and depressing wheel that paints an everyday life full of negativity. 

Without positive replenishment, you quickly lose desire and eventually energy to look for the handsome and get far less energy to create positivity yourself. In the end, one can be left without believing that everyday life can bring something for oneself. Boredom, tears and mental pain become part of everyday life that seems like a useless, heavy and gray mass. 

Being able to enjoy little things in everyday life, such as the glimmer of sun in the clouds, a smile from a stranger, a coin you found in your pocket or other positive little things is a wonderful part of the day, which can help increase the good feeling. Going to work with a good feeling in my stomach and thinking that "this is what I do", looking forward to going to a lecture, seeing the small progress in training as a victory - are all small pleasures that spice up everyday life for everyone optimists.  

Thinking that things are getting better, hoping for improvement and good days is a human right and something we should all fight for.​ 
Being able to wake up with hope, optimism and desire is something I treat all people to.

For over 20 years I have helped adults out of this difficult fog and back into the light. Now you can also treat yourself to the feeling of looking over the clouds, seeing hope and feeling the dawning joy in your body again. 

Treat yourself to a private course designed for you, your everyday life and your emotions. 
We meet at my office in Bergen or via Zoom for a 6-hour or 12-hour course where most people feel a small change already after the first hour. We look at why you became less optimistic, what unproven patterns you have added and how you can change these to new, more productive and optimistic ones. Together we build you up so that you achieve the OPTIMISTIC everyday life you deserve. 

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