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Find one
suitable partner

Time for a life partner?

Most people like the idea of a life partner.
To be understood, loved and not least to have someone to give of oneself to. 

A person you love and who has the same warm feelings as you have. Finding things together and having company


One can become discouraged by trying love several times without success. Negative experiences, rejection and infidelity are just some of the things that make many people find it too difficult to find a proper boyfriend. The fear of not being good enough for a potential partner hurts a lot.
Even worse is the fear of not getting along with someone out there. The fear that there may not be a match, or the fear that one must either accept to live in a bad relationship or as an eternal single.  


There are various factors that make some people just sail into seemingly happy relationships, while others struggle to see potential in themselves or a partner. Many feel they have been everywhere and easily after someone, without success. 

Some people think it's luck, others believe in mathematical algorithms. 
Psychologists say we choose partners who remind us of the conditions we saw when we were growing up and that we unconsciously copy these. If we ourselves are like them, this can work very well. If we are not so similar to those we copy, it can crash completely for us.

This is where this course comes in: Who are you, who suits you and why? 
Through 8 hours, we go through an analysis of who you are, what you dream and want in life and what to look for in a potential partner. Most people are surprised when they discover how far away their ideal partner is from what they have tried before. 

Now the way is open for you to find out what YOU need so you can turn around and look for where the perfect partner actually is! 

We meet at my office in Bergen or via Zoom for an 8-hour course. Between each hour, you work to find answers to my questions and take important steps closer to your life partner.

This course is for you who want to do something conscious to change the type of person you attract, so that you can find the type of life partner that suits you best. 

Price for the course is NOK 5900. You can also split up and pay NOK 900 per hour.

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