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when everyday
feels hard

Let me help you to the surface

Everyday life can lead to stress and demanding periods. 
This can drain you of energy, make you discouraged and tired.
Now good advice is expensive and it is important to turn the ship around before it gets worse. 


If you want to have a surplus to be able to help people around you who need you, you must first have taken care of yourself. If not, drain the battery and end up needing help yourself. 

Not everyone needs a psychiatrist or a psychologist.
Sometimes it keeps hearing oneself speak loudly. Then it can help with a good friend, a boss, colleague or family member who listens. Not everyone wants or can share their worries with acquaintances and then it happens that they grow too big to handle alone. When you need a more neutral sparring partner and a person who not only listens, but who can also teach you another way to deal with everyday challenges - then I can be the right one for you! 

A neutral person who can lift you out of insecurity, fear and pessimism and towards hope and success is something everyone should have in their life, over a shorter or longer period. 
Some people call me a coach because they become more optimistic after talking to me. 
I call myself a Private Tutor, because I want not only to motivate, but also to teach my clients a lasting change in their problems. 

For small, transient challenges, it often takes a few hours before you have learned new tricks and tips and feel upstairs again.

But in tougher situations and not least where the situations feel stuck and / or have lasted for many years, it can take longer to understand and not least to implement the new lesson in all aspects. Therefore, I adapt the duration to the individual wishes and needs.

For over 20 years, I have taught adults to distinguish between what to tolerate and what not to tolerate. How to set boundaries for yourself and others and how to set yourself first, so that you make a profit for others.

If this sounds like something for you or one of your employees feel free to send me an email or a sms.

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