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when the psychologist
do not have time

Learn to breathe a little easier

Do you need help to cope with everyday life until you get a place in psychiatry?
Have you been abused and do not get an appointment with the psychologist for many months? 


Seeking a psychologist in the event of a break-up or after other severe traumas is something I highly recommend, but unfortunately there is a long waiting list to get a place. If you want someone who can help you with the worst of it, so that you can function better until you talk to the psychologist, maybe I can be something for you. 

In contrast to hours with a psychologist, we have conversations where I also talk and have opinions. My job is to investigate the problem and to teach you how to best find a foothold again. I am direct and clear so that you clearly see how you can return to a better mental and emotional foothold again. 
By teaching you to think differently than you do today, together we can take away what has been put on you and find your way back to your authentic self. 

Good chemistry is important, so we always have only 1 single hour, where we see if this is something for you. If you would like to go further and learn more, I have courses of 6x1 hour and 12x1 hour. The courses are set up for you and your needs. 

For over 20 years, I have taught adults to distinguish between what to tolerate and what not to tolerate. How to set boundaries for yourself and others and how to set yourself first, so that you make a profit for others.

If this sounds like something for you or one of your employees feel free to send me an email or a sms.

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