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do you want one 
less stomach?

Think about whether all your clothes fit you

Think how wonderful it is to open the wardrobe and know that everything there suits you. That everything you choose is clean, neat and looks good on you. Nothing tightens in the wrong places and everything is the right size. Everything you choose will make you feel nice, safe and maybe even a little proud. 


When you feel too big for your clothes, you often feel too small for the outside world.
You feel that you are never enough and always are too much at once.
People of all ages can feel uncomfortable feelings of alienation, rejection, condescension and even bullying.
All of this in turn can lead to insecurity, loss of self-confidence, isolation and even the development of anxiety and depression.

Obesity is a major societal problem, but the problem is probably greatest for those who feel too big. 
Fear of health, fear of what people say, not being able to play with children and grandchildren, not participating in activities affects us very negatively.

​ Eternal diets can give a short-term result. But when you lose self-discipline and crack, you can feel worse than when you started.

The way you deal with all the emotions around the body and obesity can help make the problem worse, by eating to numb the problem. Then you quickly get into a vicious circle that can feel impossible to get out of. 

By addressing the emotional side of both obesity and life, one can stop this circle and even reverse it.  

In my course, you learn to be aware of what you are thinking and feeling, how to deal with these feelings better, so that your need to eat decreases. Furthermore, we practice changing the negative emotions and finding new, healthier response methods. 

Have you tried other methods, succeed a bit and then get bigger again?
Do you want to love yourself and your own body? 
Do you want to feel nice and smile to the body that appears in the mirror? 
If you are ready for a different method to lose kilos, then this may be the course for you. 

We meet via PC / tablet in small, intimate groups of a maximum of 6 people, so you can participate safely from your own home. 
The lessons consist of theory, questions, answers and reflection. Between classes you have to do mental and emotional exercises. 
The course begins with 2 days of 2x3 hours (we set aside time for lunch) and then 10 weeks with 1.5 hours a week. 
In addition, we have an exclusive Facebook group, which you can be a member of. Here you can support each other and get small reminders, tips and inspiration during the 10 weeks the course lasts. 

Price is NOK 15,000 for the course, including course material. 

Start a whole new everyday life with me, where you learn a lasting solution to your problems. 

(Unfortunately, the course is not suitable for people who have anxiety, are depressed or are overweight for medical reasons. Here I recommend contacting a doctor and get your own solutions adapted.)

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